VOCA has a large network of local and international professionals at all levels and in many fields. If you need temporary staff or if you want to hire staff on a flexible, per-hour basis, we can provide you with the team members you need. Examples of organizations we have worked for are the Curaçao International Financial Association, the Curacao International Financial Center and STEP Curaçao.


the network of VOCA advisors can provide specialized and concrete advise on a range of topics. Advisors will be selected on the basis of a client’s specific needs, and will only be deployed for the time necessary to produce to-the-point and efficient advice; no endless reports; but brief and focused recommendations, and effective implementation. Fields of expertise are commercial strategy and training, innovation, entrepreneurship and change management. Examples of recent advisory clients are Ennia and the Curaçao Growth Fund.


VOCA has a dedicated team of event specialists that are able to develop and implement large-scale corporate and organizational events on any theme, from several hours to multiple days, internal or for the general public, local or international. Events that have been co-organized and co-hosted by VOCA are the 2015 STEP Curaçao Conference and the 2019 UTS/CIFA Darren Hardy ‘Extreme Productivity’ conference.


sometimes, it requires clear and persistent lobbying with (semi-) government organizations and officials to get a good initiative or idea of the ground. For foreign parties that do not know their way around Curacao and for local parties that lack the time or contacts, making use of the lobbying services of a local expert, might make all the difference. VOCA has the contacts required to get the attention of local government representatives, and understands how decision-making processes work.


leaders/executives and their teams sometimes need the guidance and push form an outsider to reach new insights, change old-fashioned ways of working and overcome fears and limiting beliefs. VOCA, in cooperation with its partners, can provide coaching in a range of personal and organizational development fields such as mindfulness, wealth psychology, and emotional intelligence.


with a select group of both public and private partners, VOCA will be developing an incubator/accelerator program focused on generating and growing new ventures (profit and non-profit) that fit and benefit Curacao and its economy. VOCA will work with local financiers to generate funding, but will also create a group of strong local companies, both government-owned and private that will support specific ventures. By promoting ‘intrapreneurship’, it should be possible to have the Curacao business community provide the required venture capital that is not readily available from financiers.

Innovation/Think tank:

Curaçao has many unique features and could play an important role in the region as an innovative, forward-thinking nation. VOCA will work with some of the most creative and brightest minds on the island and abroad to produce paradigm-shifting, disruptive new ideas and initiatives, that can change the country and its potential. Through cooperation with think tanks, such as ‘Fliptank’, with CITI and with the local universities, VOCA will stimulate innovation and national strategy development.